Marla Stickel-Hultgren: Started training dogs in 1994 when she entered her local 4-H dog club.  In 2000 she joined a search and rescue (SAR), she trained SAR dogs for 9 years certifying 4 dogs in air scenting.  At this time Marla was also active with the DELTA Society certifying 1 cat and 2 dogs for visits at hospitals.  2002 she graduated from Michigan School of K9 cosmetology and worked as a groomer for 18 years before retiring to just focus on training dogs.   2006 she started working for a local vet where she groomed, trained and became a vet assistant.  2007 attended Purdue's Dogs Behavior Course.  2008 she found her passion when she visited her first Schutzhund club where she is still actively competing at world level.  Marla specializes in rehabilitating dogs with behavioral problems.    

Marla Stickel-Hultgren